Measurement of Geophysical Properties for Interpreting Ground Profile

The application of geophysics to challenging geologic, environmental, engineering, or other scientific problems provides an alternative, often unique, insight into the subsurface unlike more conventional assessment methods such as drilling. We offer site investigation strategies that cover a large area of the site in a short time and with a low cost. We provide high quality services to address a wide spectrum of needs and situations like dams, tunnels, underground powerhouses, underground storage tanks, etc. Objectives of investigations can include environmental site assessments, determining depth to rock and mapping subsurface features in geotechnical investigations, fracture and aquifer mapping in hydro geologic investigations, providing detailed stratigraphic data in coal explorations, and locating buried objects in archaeological studies.

Our services include the following:

  • Seismic Refraction Test

  • Cross Hole, Up Hole & Down Hole Tests

  • Electrical Resistivity Test

  • Sonic Topography

  • GPR Investigations covering profiling and detection of buried utilities