Building Condition Survey, Structural Analysis and Audit, Pile Integrity Testing, Rehabilitation of Vulnerable Structures

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is used to examine the condition or the quality of a structural element without damaging it. We offer the following services using non-destructive techniques:

Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)

  • Rebound Hammer tests for assessing the concrete compressive strength.

  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity tests for establishing quality of concrete.

  • Drilling out concrete cores for laboratory testing, preparation of specimens and testing in lab for determining compressive strength.

  • Tests for determining the depth of carbonation of concrete.

  • Half-cell potential tests for determining the likelihood of corrosion of reinforcement.

  • Tests for determining the chloride & sulphate contents in concrete.

  • Rebar locator tests for determining reinforcement details of various RCC members and concrete cover.


  • Mapping defects in buildings, bridges and dams through rapid visual survey to plan NDT locations for effective testing.


  • PIT uses a small strain impulse technique that enables the integrity of piles to be established rapidly and economically.


  • CHSL is use to detect defects honeycombing; segregation; washout of cement; necking and arching such in concrete.