Improvement of Weak Ground by Various Special Methods like Micro-Piling, Geo-Textiles, Geo-Grids, Stone Columns, Lime Columns, etc.

We carryout investigations to obtain technical data of weak ground and select appropriate method for improvement of the same. We provide procedural guidance concerning the selection, design, performance, specification, installation, quality assurance/quality control, construction monitoring and inspection associated with ground improvement techniques works. We also take up implementation of these methods including the following:

  • Grouting

  • Lime column

  • Stone column

Micropiles – A small diameter (generally < 300 mm) drilled piles with steel reinforcement to resist high proportion of design loads.

Geogrids – A synthetic material in a grid like pattern, the tensile strength of which lends strength to the in-situ retaining structure. Commonly used in retraining wall and for stabilizing pavements.

  • Geotextiles

  • Geogrids