Design of concrete Mixes, Physical, Thermal Properties of Concrete and Setting up Quality Control System

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Construction materials survey for hydropower and irrigation Development projects

  • Inspection and safety evaluation of old dams, powerhouses and other hydraulic structures

  • Setting up of field quality control laboratories

  • Supervision and execution of quality control measures

  • Temperature control studies on mass concrete for dams & other massive structures

  • Concrete Mix Design for design of structural grade concrete, mass concrete, high performance concrete, self compacting concrete & high strength concrete

  • Laboratory testing of concrete for compressive strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity & poisons ratio, concrete permeability etc.

  • Tests on hardened concrete: cement content, sulphate content & chloride content

  • Laboratory testing of construction materials such as cement, pozzolana, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, mixing and curing water, bricks, stone, etc.

  • Grout mix design studies.

  • Alkali-Aggregate reaction related investigations.

  • Petrographic Studies